Dedicated to providing the finest transportation service in Virginia and beyond. Afton Coach provides the most stylish, reliable, safe and spacious vehicles on the market.  All cars are equipped with state-of-the-art features so you are connected and at ease. Let us show you just how affordable and hassle-free it can be.


Welcome to Afton Coach


“I first want to say thank you for stopping by and considering Afton Coach LLC for your transportation needs. A little bit about me, I’ve have been in the private/corporate luxury transportation business since 1992.

I first started a company known as Angel Limousine Inc. in Cape Cod, MA, where I grew up. This happened completely by accident. After returning home from the United States Marine Corps, I took a hobby and love of cars and went in the retail auto industry managing a dealership starting in 1984. I was at the sales auction one day and purchased a small limousine thinking one of the local cab companies would buy it. Instead, my friends were asking if they could be driven around on weekends. At the same time my mother, who had a life long ailment, required regular transportation to doctor and physical therapy appointments. While this presented an opportunity at the same time trying to find a local transportation provider to assist, proved to be difficult.

Well, word got out that I was arranging transportation for folks in need. Next thing I knew, I was in business! It gives me great personal comfort and joy knowing I’m helping friends, fellow neighbors and the community. Afton Coach gives back with donations, sponsorships and more. By allowing us the opportunity to earn your business you too are supporting your neighbors. Because with every completed reservation Afton Coach LLC donates to local organizations, elderly activities, youth and school events.

It's my goal and mission to remove the stress and “what if" factors for those searching for quality transportation. Enjoy peace of mind knowing all of your transportation needs whether leisure or business are taken care of.”

~ Norman Daniel, Owner/Operator


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